Database of Sentences

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Today's Sentence Examples:

Use Of Rules : Then the noun phrase alignment algorithm combining the use of rules and statistics is discussed.

Cant You Just : Why cant you just play 3 players.

Tibetan Cause : "The self immolation is one of the most dramatic beginnings, " said Mahendra Lama, a professor at New Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University who has taken a special interest in the Tibetan cause.

System Has Been Set : No timetable for starting the ratings system has been set.

A Massive Amount Of Information : Overall, it contains a massive amount of information not readily available in another single source.

Logic Behind The Idea : I have no idea of the logic behind this rule.

Sometime Around 10 : Around 10 years old, hopefully a 3rd Edition comes sometime.

Decide On Occasion : For that special occasion, it can be difficult to decide on just the right gift.

Bieja : The only thing that kind of throw me is the name Bieja.

Been In The Job : If you haven't been in the job market recently.

Clearly Poor : Clearly poor planning and not worth going.

Lets Fan : I've always been a Milwaukee fan, this lets me down a bit.

Move To International : As their own a higher demand, began to build first - class international apparel industry to move ingredients.

Many Media Have : It has been many years since we have experienced the true meaning of family in the media.

But No Probability : Tells temp and probability of precipitation, but no 10 day forecast, no weather radar map animation.

Politicians Critics : Lying about lies is endemic among critics of politicians.

Leaving For A Conference : That same night he was leaving for a conference out of town but still waited for us.

Helpful To Everyone : It must be said that the attendant is friendly and helpful to everyone.

Substantiated Stories : None of her stories can be substantiated by anyone else.

Thyroid Tests : Alex and she ran several thyroid tests along with an food allergy panel.

Indeed Car : This looked like a nice size to carry in the car, and indeed it is.

Clearly Enclosed : The actual cover has the same artwork, but clearly indicates that a single MP3 CD is enclosed.

Its Light Touch : Here's where " Pleasantville " starts to lose its light touch.

Lot Of People Maintain : Today, it seems people spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to maintain a youthful look.

Such A Great Team : Such a great team to be apart of.

Formal Case : There is now a formal case to answer: preliminary charges, including abuse of trust and falsification of documents, but excluding fraud, were filed against Mr Kerviel on Monday January 28th.

Definitely Me : Definitely me and friends wasted lots of money in this place.

That Was Happened : I was convinced I didn't need this valve until that happened.

The Smallest Two : The three largest slot bladed screw drivers have laser tips, the smallest two do not.

Continue To Be Pushed : And the boundaries continue to be pushed farther and farther.