Database of Sentences

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Today's Sentence Examples:

Espera Que : Federal Express espera que America Latina resulte tan rentable como Asia.

Close Fields : Close paintball fields to home so we figure we would go with this one.

At Par Level : With the software you are assured that the teaching level is at par all throughout.

The Planet Earth : Anyone living on the planet earth can attest to that statement.

Definition Of Equation : This paper first gets definition and theorems of integers matrices, and then to discusses a new method to find the greatest common factor of integers and solves linear indeterminate equation.

Passion And Ability : They find even stronger passion and ability from their love for each other.

Waste More Time : You could waste more time and money if you buy a basic hair straightener.

Variable Amount Of Time : :The largest unstated variable here is the amount of time.

As Someone Puts It : Someone puts forth the theory that it might be as powerful as Emma's confidence.

That Should Be Grouped : There are items that seem as though they should be grouped together but aren't.

Furthermore Training : Furthermore, training provision is being expanded into areas such as International Trade and Management.

Shashanka : Harsha formed an alliance with Bhaskar Varman, the king of Kamarupa, and forced Shashanka to retreat.

Lectio : Lectio divina is a very useful and practical discipline for spiritual growth.

A Sense Of Charm : All of the monsters have good animations and a sense of charm and personality.

A Range Of Problems Is : It is known to contribute to a wide range of serious health problems and disease.

And The Appreciation Of : This has been changing with the longer life spans and the appreciation of a healthier way of living.

Vivid Energy : The restaurant is vivid with energy all night long.

Veteran Fitness : If you haven't, Denise Austin is a veteran and guru of fitness videos.

To Further Ask : Further, they ask you to send in your salary history.

A Little More Secure : It makes me feel a little more secure.

Next Employers : Find out how to present yourself to employers to get that next great position.

Enacted A Performance : After founding the Performance Group in 1967, he staged a version of Euripides'" Bacchae " in which an occasionally nude cast re-enacted orgiastic ritual, often with audience participation.

Specification Of Questions : The aim is thus to re-examine traditional questions of macroeconomics within a more reasonable specification of intertemporal optimisation.

Is Inexpedient : Having weighed this whole situation, the Russian side made the decision that it is inexpedient to participate in the G-7 meeting in the old format,.

A Matter Of Patience : It is a matter of patience and concentration that one must possess to choose the best.

In Accordance With The Expectations : Not quite in accordance with my expectations when reading the reviews.

Of Sustenance : They largely depend upon farming activities as a major source of sustenance and livelihood.

Values Are Expressed In : Shared values connect us all, despite the surface differences in how these values are expressed.

Kochia Scoparia : Kochia scoparia (Belvedere or lawn cypress): hardy, graceful green foliage, turning purple in autumn.

Nule : You need to learn about the creeping Nule, Arglwd, and about The Skwarnok Aryon.