Database of Sentences

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Today's Sentence Examples:

Intently Scrutinized : Taking his magnifying glass from a desk drawer, he fell upon the plans and scrutinized each one intently without speaking.

I Was Rewarded By : Requiring a bit more focus because of an intricate plot, I was rewarded by the final outcome.

A Nightclub On The : The nightclub section wasn't open on a Wednesday night, so we just lounged it.

Leave Very Well : I once had a very weird piano teacher named, well, let's just leave his name out of this.

Texted You : She texted you and said she was thinking about you not that she wanted you back.

Prepared To Submit To : Be prepared to submit an itemized bill from your doctor or the medical facility that details what services were provided and the cost of each.

Stayed Close To : We stayed close to the area ponds because of the safety afforded by them.

No Matter How Frequent : He's very professional and he was very obliging to answer all my questions no matter how frequent.

I Still Wished : The music was great, although I still wished for voice dialog.

There Is Justice In : Once in a while there IS justice in the world.

Playboy Like : Also, why is a well known, rich, playboy like Tony at a dating event.

Incorrupt Body : The incorrupt body of Saint Silvan is located in the Church of Saint Blaise in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Jaded Love : Valentines day is a celebration that jaded people love to hate and lovers absolutely rejoice in.

Introduces Classes : Most classes, the instructor walks around and introduces him or herself.

Preferred Occupation : Each of the great houses also has one or more preferred occupation and two house characteristics.

Often Less So : At best the food is average and often less so.

Very Frankly : Very frankly it was a tough but thoughtful read for me.

Somewhat More Efficient : The classes are, in general, somewhat more efficient than previously released material.

It Consists Of Two Floors : It consists of two storeys with open colonnades, forming a long loggia on the ground and first floors, with seventeen arches on the sea front and eighteen on the other facade.

Clearly Destined : Elena is clearly destined for great things, and her progress is one worth watching.

Perceived Deficiencies : The perceived deficiencies of the Laplacian model stimulated scientists to find a replacement for it.

Recommendations Compared With : The present paper introduces some personal understandings about it and its main features and changes compared with previous ICRP Recommendations after prelim reading.

Midrange Of The : The Monte Carlo is a lower midrange hotel found in the middle of the Strip.

Several Hundred Meters : Located in the Galilee, several hundred meters south of Maghar, it falls under the jurisdiction of Merom HaGalil Regional Council.

Backslash T : The existence of a uniform lattice is equivalent to H being unimodular and the quotient H backslash T being finite.

No One Element : No one element overpowers the other.

They Smash : Its a pretty large portion and they smash it up for you right on the table.

I Suggest Though : I suggest though waiting for the price to go down, because of the technical issues it has.

I Traveled To Kenya : Since reading it I've traveled to Africa three times and now sponsor an orphanage in Kenya.

Focus Positions : It does not focus on defending the positions of Christianity in an in depth manner.