Database of Sentences

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Today's Sentence Examples:

Notable For Its : This city is notable for its historical sites, pristine sandy beaches, and the Hallyosudo Waterway.

Slight Limp : At about 9 months he developed a slight limp on his left front leg.

I First Wondered : I first wondered over to Resident Culture because they always have a food truck parked there.

It Now Appears That : It now appears that Ofsted itself is in need of inspection and regulation.

Particularly Rich : All natural dog food is particularly rich in vitamin E and C, that is very important for their body.

Future Media : This will help save space and in the future, will also serve as storage for the media that you have.

Sumptuous Dress : The dress is casual, but the meals are sumptuous and reasonable.

If It Happens That : But the idea is awesome and if it happens that's also awesome.

The Situation Is Evident : The lack of inexperience is evident every time she encounters a situation with Ryan's past.

I Have Always Recognised : I have always recognised that and asked myself, where are the clues.

Conclusion Aim : In the very surprising conclusion, a Tar Aim artifact is found as is Flinx's sister.

Want To Adjust : If the USPS price of postage goes up, you merely want to adjust your postage meter accordingly.

Thoughts Of Concern : Others concern the daily life and work of Kentuckians, such as a Sunday afternoon baptism on Jessamine Creek or friends sharing their thoughts on a warm February day in Sharpsburg, Bath County.

Rusher All : QUOTE: Never allow yourself to only play one build order in all situations and on all the maps because this will make you predictable and no better then a rusher comp.

I Got Moved By : I just moved to Vegas and got recommended here by a Vegas local, so you know it has to be good.

Showed Potential : I came once and got an espresso that was ok, and showed potential.

An Indomitable Spirit : Bearing an indomitable spirit, I am a survivor.

High Stature : I would expect nothing less from a restaurant of such high stature.

A Substantial Accuracy : The missiles are a substantial improvement on the AT-3 Sagger missiles used on the BMP-1, in both range and accuracy.

Sleeping Compartment : Too bad, because they are forced to share a sleeping compartment on the crowded, blacked out train.

Vanderbilts : The Vanderbilts kept using the same names over and over.

In Many Spheres Of Life : There are inequalities in many spheres of life.

As Soon As I Learned : But it seemed like as soon as I learned about it prices for it was already through the roof.

An Common : He writes in an common, easy to understand style that flows nicely and does not dumb down the facts.

Awaiting A Review : To get a 5 star review on your birthday is a great gift and I'll be eagerly awaiting.

Unscented Lotion : I will bring my own unscented lotion next time.

Some Payment : Imagine that you have are 2 key accounts in Shandong, China that have some payment issues.

Place Becomes Available : She becomes desperate and reaches into the lowest place available to save her inheritance.

Current Acquaintance : I heard about Sonny's chick boxing classes through an acquaintance at my current gym.

Deal Has Expired : Yet, when I try to order it, they say that deal has expired.