Database of Sentences

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Today's Sentence Examples:

Analyzed Material : The source material is analyzed scrupulously and all sides are given.

Being Proceed : And then, after being cleared, proceed to this list of managements to get rid of the pain.

While I Was Finishing : While I was finishing my basement I got a very nice idea of what to make of it.

Sky Is Bright : Nowadays, all the factories are gone, the sky is bright blue.

Another Email From You : If you spend most of your day jumping from one task to another while trying to decide what to do next, or feeling like a slave to email, experiential learning on time management skills may help you be

Was Them : It was them or me she said.

Turned Them For : You might have tried going to your family and friends for a loan, only to be turned away from them.

Also Are : Some bunk beds also are used separately as twin beds for older children and even adults.

Being Coherent : The story was decent and engaging, as well as being coherent.

Lies A Tale : And therein lies a tale.

I Automatically Thought : I automatically thought this was going to be a horrible lunch.

Delightful Dish : The sauce mixed with all the seafood makes it a delightful dish.

I Wonder Said : 5 years we have said I wonder why it's always so packed.

That I Have Been Granted : Granted, that may have been due to the lighter, runnier polish color I chose.

Affected Clearly : Drought Monitor and you can clearly see the areas affected by a drier than normal winter.

Hostess Club : Shelia decides to take a job as a dance partner for hire at a hostess club.

Has Already Provided You : God already knows what you have need of and has already provided for you by his word.

A Governmental Institute : In 1983, the name of the institute was changed to CWI to reflect a governmental push for emphasizing computer science research in the Netherlands.

Felt Insufficient : I sympathised with Neve when she felt insufficient.

Expected To Be Caught : Neither of them expected the other to be a part of this program and are both caught off guard.

Equally Heterogeneous : Galvani and May say such 'heterogeneous diseases' are less likely to cause epidemics than infections that everyone is equally likely to pass on.

They Assert That : They assert that Computer will only come again when enough people return to the old religion.

To Describe The Situation : If you aren't going to describe the situation and resolution don't write about it.

Followup Her : Because of her outstanding followup and customer service, I decided to join.

Begin To Impress : I have to begin by saying I am hard to impress when it comes to eating out.

People Of Varying Backgrounds : It is a small town filled with people of varying backgrounds.

Good For Well : It was over cooked, but still good for well done.

Have Still To Be Confirmed : Maureen Baikie, associate provincial medical officer of health, said the results still have to be confirmed and that the levels they set for the tests were relatively modest.

Disguised Whole : First, the whole disguised scenario, I think was not well played out.

Of The Untimely : The dependents are not left high and dry in case of the untimely death of the insured person.